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Providing adult Speech, Language, and Cognitive Services in the setting of your choice.  I provide comprehensive Speech, Language, and Cognitive Services.  Additionally, I can assist with Accent Modification to minimize an accent or increase overall intelligibility in English.

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Providing a variety of children's services including articulation, speech and language delays, services for Deaf and hard of hearing children, Caregiver training and much more.  Please contact me to discuss your child's needs and see how I can help!

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Have you ever wondered how some people age so well?  A Super Ager is an adult in their 80's or 90's who appears much younger than their years suggest.  Those that achieve this goal share many common characteristics.  This program is designed for adults 40+ who strive to be a Super Ager and are not yet experiencing changes in memory or language skills or have noticed mild changes.  Check out my blog post on Aging Gracefully to learn more. Feel Free to contact me to see if this program may be right for you!

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